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Rotflesh Trench

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1 Rotflesh Trench on Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:56 pm


- You must be level 60 - 80 to get the "Rotflesh Trench" quest.

Getting the public quest:

- The quest NPC is the Pioneer Officer Winsdhaker on Lonely Cloud Reef at 546, 98.

- The center of Rotflesh Trench is located at 526 117.

- Talk to the NPC and choose "Quest Related" then Rotflesh Trench and click the rest of the dialogues. A tracked quest will appear on your screen. This tracked quest contains an icon on the floating bar. When clicked it displays the names of the participating players, their rank, contribution, random contribution and reward. You can view the highest ranking players by class or overall ranking. The list updates every 60 seconds.

It is common to see people killing the Phase 1 mobs instead of killing the mobs in the other phases. Examine the quest status and kill the proper mobs. Killing the wrong mobs does not add contribution.

More about:

There is 3 phases of the public quest:

Phase 1: kill Bloodstained Hellhounds, Bloodstained Maggots, Bonebiter Vultures, Toxic Zombie Vultures. ( Total 200 kills ) 533 107.
Phase 2: Kill Blood Sacrificers and Blood Shamans ( Total 50 kills ) 526 117
Phase 2: Kill VastClaw Executioner ( Total 2 kills ) 526 117

Any player can kill any combination of the mobs and it counts towards the total goal for everyone. Once the objective is met and the quest is complete the quest is started for the next phase. It is up to you to watch when the quest is complete so you know when to turn your focus to the next objectives targets.


I do not fully understand how it is exactly your contribution is tallied, what factors each class must do to drive this amount.

*Recently I did some experimentation. Here is what I believe about it. Your contribution is distributed in a squad. Venos almost always solo especially if they have a Herc or Nix. If they solo the points are not distributed among other squad members, they only apply to them. For this reason they often win every round before random contribution. Unless theres a solo archer of course. Many times they can still have 2x or even 3 x the contribution as the rank 2 player and of course all other players before the random points are added which seems to secure their victory anyway unless someone gets a high amount of random contribution. The same seems to apply for other players who solo and rely on their charm only.

* I was experimenting again and I found that as an Archer Public Questing with a healer usually the points are the same or slightly different. I found a way to surpass even my squad mates points. This leads me to believe that perhaps there are certain actions you can take to gain more contribution.

From my own experience, If your a strong archer, duo with a healer if you need one. You will both get decent points. Don't waste your time in squads giving your contribution away to everyone else while you work your fingers to the bone. If you can solo, do that instead and don't party with a healer at all.

Random Theory: Hopefully the algorithm used to dispense random contribution is based on the contribution of all the players or the top ranking player before the random contributions is added and it is not "Random". For example: If the rank 1 player has only a few more points than the rest of the players, the random contribution amounts are less. If a level 79 Veno with a Nix has literally 3x the contribution as the rest of the players including the rank 2 player, I would hope the "Random" contribution points are higher to people with far less contribution and have NO chance at getting a reward at all. Venos with hercules pets or nix pets will almost always be the rank 1 player before the random contribution unless there is a stronger solo player, as said earlier many times they have more than 1.5 times the rest of the other players. Even the strongest player who cannot solo will have their contribution divided in some way between them and another person seemingly making it impossible for them to obtain the contribution solo Venos or other players can get only because they aren't sharing any contribution with other players. I firmly believe the above because I can easily outdamage a veno with a herc 10 levels higher than me any day of the week and most wizzards and archers too with no problem, yes even 10 levels higher it's not even a comparison usually. The ONLY difference is that I duo with a healer and the Veno does not, the simple fact a solo veno is not distributing contribution with another player is very significant. Of course the methods here seem to work with great effectiveness however this only means that a player will have a lot of contribution before random contribution is added that doesn't mean they will win but often times it seems to work just fine.

I believe the answer and secret to Public Quest is intimately tied to how it is exactly that "Random contribution" algorithm works.

What I can say is that, you are competing against the other players who have taken the quest. Every player has a rank ( Before random contributions is calculated ) according to how much they have contributed to the quests progression. The reward system is tied directly to the rank you receive after the random distribution has been added. For example:

*Rank 1: 10 Tideborn Valor Medals ( Worth 132,660 Exp 27,600 SP) Or can be traded for a Gear Pack
-Rank 2: 08 Tideborn Valor Medals ( Worth 106,128 Exp 22,080 SP)
-Rank 5: 07 Tideborn Valor Medals ( Worth 92,862k Exp 19,320 SP)

This is the EXP and SP reward for the listed quantity of Medals:

1 Tideborn Valor Medal 13,266 Exp 2,760 SP………… 51 Tideborn Valor Medals 676,566 Exp 140,760.00 SP
2 Tideborn Valor Medals 26,532 Exp 5,520 SP………… 52 Tideborn Valor Medals 689,832 Exp 143,520.00 SP
3 Tideborn Valor Medals 39,798 Exp 8,280 SP………… 53 Tideborn Valor Medals 703,098 Exp 146,280.00 SP
4 Tideborn Valor Medals 53,064 Exp 11,040 SP………… 54 Tideborn Valor Medals 716,364 Exp 149,040.00 SP
5 Tideborn Valor Medals 66,330 Exp 13,800 SP………… 55 Tideborn Valor Medals 729,630 Exp 151,800.00 SP
6 Tideborn Valor Medals 79,596 Exp 16,560 SP………… 56 Tideborn Valor Medals 742,896 Exp 154,560.00 SP
7 Tideborn Valor Medals 92,862 Exp 19,320 SP………… 57 Tideborn Valor Medals 756,162 Exp 157,320.00 SP
8 Tideborn Valor Medals 106,128 Exp 22,080 SP………… 58 Tideborn Valor Medals 769,428 Exp 160,080.00 SP
9 Tideborn Valor Medals 119,394 Exp 24,840 SP………… 59 Tideborn Valor Medals 782,694 Exp 162,840.00 SP
10 Tideborn Valor Medals 132,660 Exp 27,600 SP………… 60 Tideborn Valor Medals 795,960 Exp 165,600.00 SP
11 Tideborn Valor Medals 145,926 Exp 30,360 SP………… 61 Tideborn Valor Medals 809,226 Exp 168,360.00 SP
12 Tideborn Valor Medals 159,192 Exp 33,120 SP………… 62 Tideborn Valor Medals 822,492 Exp 171,120.00 SP
13 Tideborn Valor Medals 172,458 Exp 35,880 SP………… 63 Tideborn Valor Medals 835,758 Exp 173,880.00 SP
14 Tideborn Valor Medals 185,724 Exp 38,640 SP………… 64 Tideborn Valor Medals 849,024 Exp 176,640.00 SP
15 Tideborn Valor Medals 198,990 Exp 41,400 SP………… 65 Tideborn Valor Medals 862,290 Exp 179,400.00 SP
16 Tideborn Valor Medals 212,256 Exp 44,160 SP………… 66 Tideborn Valor Medals 875,556 Exp 182,160.00 SP
17 Tideborn Valor Medals 225,522 Exp 46,920 SP………… 67 Tideborn Valor Medals 888,822 Exp 184,920.00 SP
18 Tideborn Valor Medals 238,788 Exp 49,680 SP………… 68 Tideborn Valor Medals 902,088 Exp 187,680.00 SP
19 Tideborn Valor Medals 252,054 Exp 52,440 SP………… 69 Tideborn Valor Medals 915,354 Exp 190,440.00 SP
20 Tideborn Valor Medals 265,320 Exp 55,200 SP………… 70 Tideborn Valor Medals 928,620 Exp 193,200.00 SP
21 Tideborn Valor Medals 278,586 Exp 57,960 SP………… 71 Tideborn Valor Medals 941,886 Exp 195,960.00 SP
22 Tideborn Valor Medals 291,852 Exp 60,720 SP………… 72 Tideborn Valor Medals 955,152 Exp 198,720.00 SP
23 Tideborn Valor Medals 305,118 Exp 63,480 SP………… 73 Tideborn Valor Medals 968,418 Exp 201,480.00 SP
24 Tideborn Valor Medals 318,384 Exp 66,240 SP………… 74 Tideborn Valor Medals 981,684 Exp 204,240.00 SP
25 Tideborn Valor Medals 331,650 Exp 69,000 SP………… 75 Tideborn Valor Medals 994,950 Exp 207,000.00 SP
26 Tideborn Valor Medals 344,916 Exp 71,760 SP………… 76 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,008,216 Exp 209,760.00 SP
27 Tideborn Valor Medals 358,182 Exp 74,520 SP………… 77 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,021,482 Exp 212,520.00 SP
28 Tideborn Valor Medals 371,448 Exp 77,280 SP………… 78 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,034,748 Exp 215,280.00 SP
29 Tideborn Valor Medals 384,714 Exp 80,040 SP………… 79 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,048,014 Exp 218,040.00 SP
30 Tideborn Valor Medals 397,980 Exp 82,800 SP………… 80 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,061,280 Exp 220,800.00 SP
31 Tideborn Valor Medals 411,246 Exp 85,560 SP………… 81 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,074,546 Exp 223,560.00 SP
32 Tideborn Valor Medals 424,512 Exp 88,320 SP………… 82 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,087,812 Exp 226,320.00 SP
33 Tideborn Valor Medals 437,778 Exp 91,080 SP………… 83 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,101,078 Exp 229,080.00 SP
34 Tideborn Valor Medals 451,044 Exp 93,840 SP………… 84 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,114,344 Exp 231,840.00 SP
35 Tideborn Valor Medals 464,310 Exp 96,600 SP………… 85 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,127,610 Exp 234,600.00 SP
36 Tideborn Valor Medals 477,576 Exp 99,360 SP………… 86 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,140,876 Exp 237,360.00 SP
37 Tideborn Valor Medals 490,842 Exp 102,120 SP………… 87 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,154,142 Exp 240,120.00 SP
38 Tideborn Valor Medals 504,108 Exp 104,880 SP………… 88 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,167,408 Exp 242,880.00 SP
39 Tideborn Valor Medals 517,374 Exp 107,640 SP………… 89 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,180,674 Exp 245,640.00 SP
40 Tideborn Valor Medals 530,640 Exp 110,400 SP………… 90 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,193,940 Exp 248,400.00 SP
41 Tideborn Valor Medals 543,906 Exp 113,160 SP………… 91 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,207,206 Exp 251,160.00 SP
42 Tideborn Valor Medals 557,172 Exp 115,920 SP………… 92 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,220,472 Exp 253,920.00 SP
43 Tideborn Valor Medals 570,438 Exp 118,680 SP………… 93 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,233,738 Exp 256,680.00 SP
44 Tideborn Valor Medals 583,704 Exp 121,440 SP………… 94 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,247,004 Exp 259,440.00 SP
45 Tideborn Valor Medals 596,970 Exp 124,200 SP………… 95 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,260,270 Exp 262,200.00 SP
46 Tideborn Valor Medals 610,236 Exp 126,960 SP………… 96 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,273,536 Exp 264,960.00 SP
47 Tideborn Valor Medals 623,502 Exp 129,720 SP………… 97 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,286,802 Exp 267,720.00 SP
48 Tideborn Valor Medals 636,768 Exp 132,480 SP………… 98 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,300,068 Exp 270,480.00 SP
49 Tideborn Valor Medals 650,034 Exp 135,240 SP………… 99 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,313,334 Exp 273,240.00 SP
50 Tideborn Valor Medals 663,300 Exp 138,000 SP………… 100 Tideborn Valor Medals 1,326,600 Exp 276,000.00 SP

Only the top contributors with the highest rank are rewarded Valor Medals. In order to receive your Medals you must have free inventory space.*

These medals can be traded for either EXP or a "Warrior Pack, Light Pack, Heavy Pack or Magic Pack" at the Pioneer Officer Winsdhake NPC. Any medal can be traded for EXP but you must have 10 medals to get one of the special packs. They cannot be traded discarded and do not drop on death. I have only one report from someone who got the pack, it contains a piece of gear which expires in 7 days. This item also cannot be traded or discarded. I don't know if it worth the effort. It depends on your current gear. The packs seem to have different rewards, they are not all the same. These gears cannot be placed into your account stash, it is bound in every way from death or otherwise.

Magic Pack: Random*

- Contains a pair of 3* level 64 wrist guards. 49 Physical defense,435 magic defense, Magic +4, Vitality +4, Channeling -3 %.

- Contains a 3* level 65 Elemental belt. "Vigilant Courage". Magic Defense 176, Magic +5, Exp +5%, Exp +5 %. ( Credit Aelric )

Light Pack: Random*

- Contains a 3* level 65 Belt "Valiant Fighter". +111 evasion, +5 dexterity , +5% exp, +5% exp. ( ( Credit krelianreborn )

- Contains: a 3* set of level 64 bracers "Valiant Bracers". 187 physical defense, 290 magic defense, +4 dexterity, +4 vitality, interval beetwen hits -0.05. ( Credit krelianreborn )

- Contains a 3* pair of level 66 boots. "Valiancy boots" 255 Physical defense, 395 Magic Defense, +5 Dexterity, +4 Vitality, Speed +0.2 Meters/Second ( Credit HebeAi )

Heavy Pack:

- Contains: a 3* level lvl 65 protection belt. Physical defense. 176 Magic Defense, Strength + 5, Exp +5%, Exp +5% ( Credit fiznik )

You will get poor exp for killing mobs in squad, you must rank high enough in order to get a medal reward. The larger numbers of players who are doing the quest, potentially the more players can get rewarded it is not a flat amount. In one group 14 players were rewarded, in another much larger group it was 22 players. The less players the more harsh the point curve and fewer get rewards.

If you contribute the most during the combat while killing mobs, you will be labeled with Rank 1. At the end of the quests when the boss is killed and the quest is completed, a random amount of contribution is then awarded to each player. The random number appears to have a maximum length of 5 digits, I have only seen 3-4 digit rewards. You can watch the rank screen and see the numbers being generated. This means if you were the highest ranking contributor when the boss was killed, another player may be awarded enough random contribution to outrank you and get a better reward or prevent you from getting a reward at all. This may be a function implemented to prevent players from farming mass amounts of EXP by always having the highest contribution and to give players who join in the middle a chance to get a reward.

Choosing your reward can be tricky, if you get Tideborn Valor Medals you must talk to the Pioneer Officer Winsdhake NPC. If you have been awarded with Medals, you can select "Quest Related" then choose "Medal Reward" which will exchange your medals for exp. If you want to get the gear pack you must accumulate 10 medals then talk to the NPC and select "Warriors Military Supply". This opens a dialogue box similar to the Forges. Here you can choose which pack you want.

Since you are COMPETING for a reward, I recommend you get the quest and check which phase it is on. If it has not just started ( Still in the first phase ) you of course have less of a chance to rank high for good rewards. Killing mobs while in squad does not furnish you with good exp. It's basically all or nothing you compete for a high ranking to get any reward although it may be possible for you to be randomly awarded enough contribution for rank 1. If it is late in the phases I would recommend waiting until it is finished then start the next quest 2 minutes after the first one has been completed. ( There is a 2 minute cool down period between the end of the current quest and the start of the quest again, remember it repeats infinitely during the hours of operation). This is helpful to repair your gear or redeem your reward. The tailor is just southeast of Pioneer Officer Winsdhaker.

Waiting for the quest to finish is optional since you have a chance to be awarded with a random amount without really contributing much of anything. I personally wait for it to restart because if I contribute a lot I am garunteed at least what I contributed, I am not garunteed any amount from the random contribution.

Possible tactics:

My first attempt I ran down inside the trench and took massive damage and wasted a lot of Jiaozi. I discovered that it is better for a ranged class to attack mobs from a ridge so other mobs inside won't mob you with ranged and melee damage. If you get close to the boss it will aggro you instantly. It has many attacks which prevent you from moving, slow you down and cause massive damage plus melee damage. If you attack the Blood Sacrificers or Blood Shamans from range, you will still take risk of attracting nearby mobs too. It seems that sometimes they can reset their HP and sometimes they do not, I can't say when or why in either case I have had both occurrences. Blood Sacrificers and Blood Shaman both have a Fire DOT it will be a problem if you try to kill them at range If you have no healer or any way to remove that, it's likely you won't live. If you are not strong enough to pull aggro you may be able to safely attack other mobs while solo.

If you want to squad rather than solo, I recommend creating a squad before taking the quest and if you decide not too, get into a squad with a healer and duo, unless you want to run for your life a lot and burn your charms like the sun "burns" hydrogen through nuclear fusion, Also you die and can't get a revive. Healers I recommend you come prepared to use purify a LOT especially during the last boss fight. I also recommend you not enter the middle of the trench on the ground, it is better to heal from the air or from a ridge overlooking the trench so mobs will not deal physical melee damage or mob you.

*Also Clerics please don't forget "Heal please" or "Purify please" Or simply "Heal" or "Purify" actually means "Will you please heal or purify me?" I am a retired healer, now that I play another class I understand why people said that to me. Maybe some people were giving me orders but when I say it I actually mean to ask you in the politest way I can before I die xD, not give you orders :3. I added this because a healer left my squad, I think maybe it was because I was asking for healing and Purify :<. With her help through half of phase 2 only ( I missed the beginning and half of Phase 2 ) , I placed rank 6 overall from rank 19. With an awesome healer helping me we could have rocked so much harder...................Clerics I believe you DO earn contribution through healing, attacking and buffing. I recently completed another run and took Rank 1 my faithful healer was Rank 2. I recently was experiementing more and found that if I attack for a period of time and my healer does not heal, my points will also surpass my squad mate.

What is CRITICAL for ALL players to understand is that if you attack the VastClaw Executioner from the air or from a ridge or another place and you pull aggro, if it cannot hit you the HP will RESET. All 2.3 Million and you will have to start all over. Lots of people will get very angry very fast.

Commonly, even after receiving a warning meant to save them from embarrassment and flaming, players continue to attack from the cliffs thinking they will get more contribution. Here is what happens: All players inside the trench where they should be get frozen and only that stubborn player on the cliff is attacking. They pull aggro and either the boss cant get on the cliff, the boss can't hit them or the player flys away and the HP resets.

Also, if players attack the boss on accident before phase 3 when it's apropriate to attack it, the person who has aggro, needs to fly away and drop the monster and he will return to its original position. Barbs, this means stop using slam and aggro hold on bosses, just fly up and drop the mob, venos quit attacking the boss with your pet, Bm's stop using heavens flame and wizzards cease dragons breath. If you draw the boss on accident, it's fine, just fly out of range and drop it so it resets and leaves everyone else alone if you continue to hold it, many players take massive damage for no reason and get slow status and frozen, just reset the boss until it's time to make the kill.

As a group strategy, a Venomancer can pull the boss away from the middle out into the open and away from the mobs in the trench. The boss can then be fought out of the trench and many players will take far less damage unless attacked by the level 75 Bloodstained Wanderdogs. It's good to stand on one of the sides where the "bone bridges" are, the boss can run over these. If the mobs around the boss follow, let someone take aggro on the boss and everyone else can fly out of range and reset the mobs. But good luck stopping BMs and barbs and other players from using their aoe to reset the mobs, it's their gear and charms I guess.

Alternately another player can pull the boss with a genie or an Archer can use ammo. This may trigger all the mobs around the boss to follow however if one other player hits the boss and takes the bosss aggro the mobs will remain aggrod on the puller, if nobody attacks them the puller can fly up and reset all the mobs leaving only the boss.

If you attack the boss, do it from the ground. do NOT hit it from the air. The boss has a few stuns and freezeing skills. When the players around him get frozen, other players safe from these attacks continue to hit the boss and they steal aggro, then run or fly and they cant be hit by the boss so the hp resets. Just make sure you do NOT attack it from cliffs or the air or places where the boss cannot hit you and if you pull aggro let the boss hit you or the HP wil reset.

- The quest NPC appears 9AM server time to 11 PM.

- I have not yet discovered if there is a limit to the amount of players who can participate.

- After the quest is finished the status will show " Start over". You cannot accept the quest again during this status. You must wait 2 minutes for the quest to disappear, the blue message in Chinese will appear across your screen and then you can accept the quest again. The quest repeats infinitely within the server time hours of operation. It's a good idea to repair your gear, redeem your reward and modify your squad and provide buffs during the 2 minute cooldown.

*** Watch out for the following***

- The quest dispatcher Pioneer Officer Winsdhaker in the various dialogues explains that if you log out and the current phase has finished the quest will fail for you. Well this happened to me and about 12 other people when attempting to take the quest at 9Am server time the moment the NPC appeared:

The 12 people standing around took the quest. The quest progress showed Phase 3 instead of Phase 1. There were only 2 players with scores and their score was about 860. They were 2 venomancers of course. They must have done the quest together but were unable to kill the boss. Our small group had to kill the boss twice and even still NOBODY got medals accept the 2 Venomancers which were probably offline who knows how that works. This group had to kill the boss twice with no reward whatsoever except maybe the exp and to get the public quest to restart. This sucks noodles.

- The next thing I am inclined to call an " Undocumented Feature". I was not recording at the time so the EXACT details are fuzzy. During the final moments of the second boss kill in phase 3 my healer squad mate ran out of mp and since I do not wear an HP charm of course I pulled aggro from the 900 players doing the quest. I got dominated and as I lay there during the final seconds A thought occurs: Why wait for res when I can respawn, makes it easy for the healer plus I have no exp except like 6% from doing PQ repeatedly all day long. I pressed " Go to town". This must have been at the exact same second the boss was killed or the totals were tallied. When I appeared at the small mushroom island a message appeared QUEST FAILED then immediately afterwards quest complete. We lost most of our points and the healer ranked very low, I happened to of gotten rank 3 after the random points Sad.

As a level 70 archer with standard healer buffs, these are my defenses:

Physical Def. 4798

Metal 4268
Wood 4647
Water 4822
Fire 4268
Earth 4621

Mobs in phase 1 hit me for about 130-350. Archers and anyone not wearing heavy armor consider avoiding attacking the level 75 Bloodstained Wanderdogs solo.
Ranged mobs Blood Sacrificers and Blood Shamans from the center of the trench hit me for about 230-365
Melee attacks from the ranged mobs hit me for about 220-265+
Melee attacks from the boss hit me for around 300+

Maybe knowing this will better help you understand what kind of damage you might be taking. They are estimates only. Be prepared.

Mob information:

Bloodstained Hellhound Level 60 Attack Type Close Element Fire HP 30,686
Bloodstained Maggot Level 63 Attack Type Close Element Water HP 33,229
Venomcorpose Vulture Level 71 Attack Type Ranged Element Wood HP 41,992
Bloodstained Wanderdog Level 75 Attack Type Close Element Earth HP 467,74
Bloodpond Sacrificer Level 75 Attack Type Ranged Element Metal HP 467,737
Bloodpond Shaman Level 75 Attack Type Ranged Element Fire HP 467,737
Vastclaw Ececutioner Level 75 Attack Type Close Element Earth HP 2,338,682

* Edit as a side note, Many people discuss and attempt Zhen squads, I personally witnessed a 3 player Zhen squad who did very well and slightly outranked my duo squad. However the Wizard and healer had to leave BB and Dragons breath on for about 20 minutes or more. So in a squad of 3 players you can make slightly more points than a two man if it's a Zhen squad however I think it's important to consider the cost of doing that. They were 200 points ahead only and random contribution could have easily changed the outcome. In my opinion the cost is simply not worth the *potential* reward. A solo player outranked them before random contribution. I also earned nearly the same points without letting my MP charm tick 3 times.

I hope this information is accurate and helpful to all interested in the public quest for level 60-80.

In the near future I may upload an HD video of the public quest ^^


Thank you Celtillin, Samitch and Freehuggles from Sanctuary for sharing the gear details and the rank 1 and 7 medal information.

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